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Inspiring Greatness In You, INC is a non-profit, 501-C3 organization. We are committed to promoting educational growth for moms and daughters through STEM and Golf education. We offer specialized programs designed to propel youth girls towards a more successful future. None of what we do would even be possible without the support of our corporate and independent sponsors. Thank you for your gift of support!


 1-month Scholarship for one girl to attend our Inspiring Greatness After-school Sessions


Provide STEM supplies for 2 girls during our Inspiring Greatness After-school Sessions


Provide 3 weeks of DIY activities for 1 girl via a STEM Education Activity Box


1 After School Scholarship for the entire school year. This donation also includes a T-shirt and STEM career book


Provide STEM, Golf, or Entrepreneur supplies for 1 Inspiring Greatness

After School activity for

20 girls


1 Community Inspiring Greatness Session for 20 girls

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