We bring together bright minds to discuss topics that are ideal-focused on the career paths of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), Golf, and Entrepreneurship. Each of these areas, while seemingly unrelated, share one important thing in common: they are areas where females are grossly underrepresented.


We accomplish our mission through workshops, conferences, and after school programming that develops knowledge, connections, and understanding in S.T.E.M, Golf, and Entrepreneurship.


Sample Workshops include:

  • Baking as way to learn about math

  • How to start as a young entrepreneur

  •  Introduction to Golf

  • A Day in the Life of an Engineer


We offer exposure through:

  • Our membership club that includes a newsletter with opportunities, conferences, and workshops

  • Sharing stories of local entrepreneurs and their road to success

  • Connecting families to golf tournaments, workshops, and classes





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Bridging the Gender Gap in S.T.E.M Careers: An Opportunity For Women

Benefits of Learning Golf Early In Life 

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Developing a Little Entrepreneur

According to an article published by titled, "S.T.E.M. for Girls: Importance & Advantages, women working in the industries of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics make up only a quarter of the overall workforce in the United States. This is very alarming. Many of the tech giants in the U.S. are facing private and public scrutiny due to the lack of diversity and female workers within the industry itself. Why is this so? Much of this is the result of societal ideals and stereotypes regarding male and female roles and competencies. Since women are underrepresented in these fields, much of what's being produced in tech is done primarily by white males. This in-turn results in producing material that is heavily skewed based on white male perspectives.


This is why we do what we do here at Inspiring Greatness. We see the need to develop women who are able to compete effectively in these industries. It's why we also push our girls to think outside the box and turn their ideas, passion, knowledge, and skillset into a profitable business. 

The game of Golf goes beyond being just another sport you enroll your child into to become the next "Golf Superstar". The game of golf can be extremely beneficial to learn at a young age because it is a sport that requires a certain level of concentration, accuracy, trust, and patience; all of which are skills that can be transferred and useful in other endeavors.

Very few people know that there is such thing as, "golf etiquette", which is well respected in the world of business. This is extremely so amongst mid to high-level executives, investors, and business owners. The sport of golf, if leveraged properly, is also a gateway to meeting Presidents and CEOs of various companies and is just all around, a great way to have fun and build lasting business relationships.

For more information on how your daughter can get involved in the sport of Golf, visit our Girls Golf Page.

For decades and beyond, the school system in the United States has been teaching children to get good grades, maintain a decent GPA, get involved in leadership organizations, apply for apprenticeships and internships, make it to graduation, and then go straight into the military, workforce, college or... even more college.

The problem with this way of teaching is that schools, and in some instances, even parents have bred their children or young adults to have an "employee" mindset and depend upon others for an employment opportunity. 


Prior to the recession in 2008, many who had been taught this process had no long term aspirations other than just working for a company for 40 years and then retiring. Well when the recession hit, many people had no other plans to rely on and their plans for retirement fell through.

Sadly, those days of retirement and pensions may be long gone! There is now a need for new businesses and entrepreneurs. Prepare your children with the tools necessary to become business-minded in order to employ themselves and others.