INSPIRE GREATNESS Naiya 15 Decatur_edite
Decatur, Georgia

Naiya is knowledgeable about the many careers that one can choose in the field of mathematics. Because of the daily use of math, she is assured that she will make a great impact in the world in whatever she decides to pursue in math. Outside of math, Naiya enjoys planning and hosting parties, school socials, and peer gatherings amongst friends. She expresses a strong interest in owning her own party planning company.


The Entrepreneurship Sessions that we offer at Inspiring Greatness has given her confidence in knowing that she can start her own business at a young age. With Naiya's math and party planning skills, she is on her way to a successful future.

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Samara is fascinated by all the skills Inspiring Greatness offers. She loves shadowing and participating with the older girls in the program. She also enjoys partaking in our golf sessions. She knows that learning the sport of golf early is beneficial to her future. Because of her interactions during our S.T.E.M. programs, she now enjoys the subjects of math and science.

East Point, Georgia

Sci-Fi-Jaz” is what we call her. Jazmine loves the satisfying feeling of making slime. Mixing different chemicals and doing experimental things really excites her. Inspiring Greatness has taught her about many different careers in the field of science that she could pursue. The technology and engineering piece of S.T.E.M. are her strongest areas. She likes to play games and build things through electronic programming.

Conyers, Georgia

Basia's mom was astonished to know that her young daughter was interested in studying the brain.  She has a strong interest in becoming a doctor. Through the workshops that we offer at Inspiring Greatness, both mom and daughter now know about the many different careers associated with becoming a neurologist. Basia takes science, especially anatomy, very seriously.