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Carolina Mincey is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Inspiring Greatness In You, INC. She is an entrepreneur at heart, having created and successfully operated two business structures; one being a for-profit entity and one being a non-profit entity. She is an accomplished certified Event Planner by trade, with more than sixteen years of experience in planning and design.

Carolina is an innovator and trendsetter in the Event Planning Industry and is best known for her creative ideas, which lead to the uniqueness of Inspiring Greatness In You, INC. Her natural ability to envision and create enabled her to design and facilitate a hands-on STEM, Golf and Entrepreneurship workshop organization for young girls.

She was inspired to create Inspiring Greatness In You, INC when she noticed a significant gap between many mothers and daughters. Seeing how this gap negatively impacted the success of young women at an early age, Carolina decided to offer a solution that would fill this gap and promote success in adolescent girls. Inspiring Greatness In You, INC was birthed out of the need for mothers to be more involved and hands-on with their daughters to encourage, support, and challenge their daughters beyond their comfort zone. Out of this concept, also derived an opportunity to defy gender odds in the fields of STEM, Golf and Entrepreneurship.

Carolina is passionate about inspiring, exposing and educating mothers who are destined for greatness with their daughters. She enjoys guiding and Inspiring girls through STEM, Golf and Entrepreneurship journey and loves seeing Mothers and Daughters Inspirited through each session.
None-the-less, she is a woman who strongly believes in giving back to the community and society through volunteering and sponsorship opportunities.

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Deborah D. Davis is a multi-dimensional Marketing Consultant & an enthusiastic Sports Professional who encompasses a formidable blend of strong work ethic & impeccable devotion. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Livingstone College, NC.

Deborah has always had a remarkable inclination towards the sports of Tennis & Golf and has had the honor of serving the games at the highest level. Serving as an ambassador of the game, she encourages women to pursue their dreams and assist them in embarking on a non-traditional journey to success.

Deborah went on to pursue a career as a golf professional played on the LPGA Futures Tour for 3 years. Motivated & inspired by the drive to promote the game, she worked as an instructor of the game for 6 years & was able to successfully cement her place as a highly esteemed ambassador of the game. Deborah also contributed to the niche of Merchandizing and assisted the East Lake Community Foundation as the first assistant at the Charlie Yates at East Lake Golf Course.

Deborah has dedicated 20+ years of her life in serving the sports of Golf. As an advocate of women empowerment, Deborah has successfully encouraged & inspired several women to work in pursuit of their lifelong dreams. She has had the luxury of working in a diversified set of professions.

Presently, Deborah serves as the Principal at Execs Golf and is responsible for the company’s growth specifically in teaching executive women how to use golf as a business tool for career growth. Deborah is passionate about motivating, encouraging, and empowering her clients and shares a great love for traveling and exploring the unexplored.  

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Stephanie Ivery is an engineer, educator, entrepreneur, and encourager. Her love for engineering was sparked in high school as she competed in design competitions and met future engineers (students) and engineering professionals. She went on to graduate with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, AL. 

Stephanie is able to inspire reluctant science and math students and challenge science and math enthusiasts to understand that their ideas can literally change the world; igniting the love for STEM in even more students. She also travels domestically and internationally to promote STEAM learning and entrepreneurship as well.

A natural creator and problem-solver, Stephanie’s warm, engaging personality drives students to want to learn and try harder to master new concepts and skills. Stephanie encourages students to think totally outside the box.

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